Stuff People Said

"She's wry, descriptive, humorous and helpful, all at the same time.  Her stories about dealing with cancer are LOL funny, and she sprinkles anecdotes with  tips on how best to manage breast cancer treatment.  She's both engaging and informative and writes in an accessible, down-to-earth style."

Ann Silberman, Breast Cancer? But Doctor...I Hate Pink


“An amusing handbook for many navigating the scary terrain of cancer, the author offers a blueprint to settle the fears of treatment and recovery. With a fun, sassy perspective, When Good Boobs Turn Bad is a real gift for anyone starting their fight and hoping they don’t have to take everything so seriously!”

Craig Price, author of Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide


“After years of looking after hundreds of breast cancer patients, I am constantly amazed at the level of optimism. This book is a symposium of that optimism, expressed in a funny, yet thoughtful way. Books have been written about surgery, recovery and choices in breast cancer treatment, yet this is an excellent addition as a personal journey. It is heartfelt and sensitive in a way that reflects a triumphant arrival at the destination, having beaten breast cancer.”

Steven P. Davison, MD, FACS



“I’m a reluctant user of adjectives, but this book is truly awesome, profound and laugh-out-loud funny. There is nothing funny about cancer; there is something funny about surviving cancer with humor. The author takes the reader on a very personal journey with a simple message: ‘laugh with me, celebrate life with me, and if possible please give me an award so I can make a graceful acceptance speech.’ Read this book and delight in her perceptions about dancing through life, with or without music.”

Mimi Krumholz, MA, Clinical Psychology